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"What if there is no dream job for me?" I wondered.

The most valuable insight I got from The Calling Course was to dispel the myth that I have one singular "soulmate job" out there waiting for me.

Instead of solely focusing on the end result, Dan's guidance and the course helped me to engage in the foundational work of identifying where I find deep meaning and fulfillment.

Having a greater understanding of my own unique drive and voice has helped me reframe where I find connection in my current work and opened my mind to explore a myriad of opportunities that align with my own personal sense of meaning.


As a recent grad, I've struggled to find my way and make decisions about what opportunities to pursue. It seems like most of my friends either have no idea where they're headed or they chose something a long time ago and are afraid to ask questions about whether or not it's a good fit.

I wanted to ask the hard questions and find a sense of confidence in what my work is about. This process helped me do exactly that.

Going in, I was looking for a map for the choices ahead. What I got instead was the ability to navigate the choices with much more assurance and a strong sense of who I am in the midst of them— which, in the end, is much more useful than a map could be.

The only regret I have is that I didn't start sooner.


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Going into The Calling Course I was skeptical that an online course could help me uncover important personal insights.

And at first I thought my skepticism was right. The first couple modules were interesting, but I didn't see how they would give me the deep vocational understanding I was looking for. Only near the end of the course did I see how these early exercises had layered upon each other to show me lifelong patterns of how I experience meaning and fulfillment.

I came away from The Calling Course with a new diamond of understanding about my personal vocation that is already helping me make plans and decisions.
Dan has done a great job of distilling his expertise and intuition into a powerful process. The Calling Course is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to bring more joy and fulfillment into their lives, both in work and outside of it.


This process is truly, and without exaggeration, life-changing. The process didn't end with me diving into my dream job the next day, but it was the beginning of an important journey that has helped me understand who I am, what I ache for, and the impact I want to make on the world.

The themes that were identified have shaped every aspect of my life over the past two years and I feel like I am finally, for the first time ever, exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am meant to do.


I was feeling stuck and unhappy with work. I took the leap of faith and left my job because I was too unhappy. I'm now looking at other career fields.

Putting my full trust in God’s will for me and being gracious. Through the process I was surprised by how much I learned about myself as the man God has molded me to be.


I was really feeling lost - I had no clue what direction I wanted to go in. I had no sense of what was really important any more. I knew what I didn’t want, but I didn’t know what I wanted.

It took a while but now I have started my new business and feel a real sense of clear direction, and I am receiving confirmation from many different sources.


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I was feeling, to put it plainly, a sense of uneasiness, slight apathy, and hopelessness when it came to career. I felt haunted by my 'explorations' in jobs (which I saw as failures) and didn't know how to move forward with something I'm passionate about with my history of trying, failing, and leaving.

My biggest transformation lies in my newfound understanding and peace of mind when it comes to my work journey.

I have been carrying around a sense of guilt regarding education and my short stints at my jobs since teaching and that has tainted all of my desires of what I would like my life's work to be. Through the process, that guilt has taken a more human form– I did my best and somehow that's enough–and I can move forward with a more sobering truth about my experience


I felt trapped. I was raised to value career and hard work, but this led me to ignore or belittle many of my passions and interests. I work full days, and come home tired, and many things I love had become another thing on my “to do” list.

The work allowed me to recognize how important my interests are. The process encouraged me to be open minded and consider a wide variety of ways that I could pursue my interests. He also helped me to see how my doubt and insecurities often prevented me from beginning.

Now I feel open. Open to starting small and making connections. Open to being vulnerable and experiencing failure. Open to being creative and trying again."


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Before I began, I was working two jobs where I thought deep meaning and a sense of purpose would be found, yet I felt unsure and discontent about that work. Felt like I wanted to know what I was really meant to do.

What shifted was a sense of affirmation that finding meaningful work is a process that looks different for everyone... From that place of being unsure, it was time to experiment, and I felt encouraged by to do just that!


I was feeling completely confused and lost, like I had no direction for my life, no idea where I was going. It’s frustrating being someone whose deepest desire is to do meaningful work, but not know that what work is, or what my future looks like...

Now, I’m hopeful for the future, have a clear direction for where I’m going in my life, and first the first time in years, I’m excited about this direction.


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I was feeling very uncertain about what career path I should pursue and kept second guessing myself and my passions. I felt like I was anxiously spinning my wheels and unable to move forward.

Through the process I was able to gain confidence and begin to trust myself more. It helped me realize that it’s ok to not have all the answers and that it’s important to allow myself to experiment with different jobs, internships, volunteering opportunities etc. to help bring clarity.


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What Other Thought Leaders are Saying about The Calling Course and Dan's Work

Dan’s work with The Meaning Movement reaches the heart of the issues and challenges we face around the big questions in life.  His empathic capacity is unique, and his intuitive and intellectual gifts are apparent. I highly recommend his work!

Mary Lamia, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Professor, and Author

When I first came across Dan and his work, I was flabbergasted by knowing of someone like him dedicated to helping people find their purpose. His methodology and approach works! I have greatly enjoyed consuming his content.

Eleazar Ruiz

Co-Founder & Head of Design at Patrol

Want more purpose and direction in your life? Curious if you have a calling. I’m a big fan of Dan Cumberland and his work at the Meaning Movement. It’ll help you wrestle with life’s biggest questions in the best way possible. Don’t miss the treasure trove of helpful resources here.

Jeff Goins

best-selling author of The Art of Work

At some point everyone must wrestle with knowing who they are and finding their vocation. I believe that being and doing are the two essential categories to understanding what it means to be human.  And I don't know anyone whose work is more helpful in this area than Dan and the Meaning Movement.  If you're on a journey to find out who you are or what it means to do work from that place, you need to follow along with The Meaning Movement.

Shawn Askinosie

Founder of Askinoise Cholcolate and Author of Meaningful Work

The Meaning Movement is one of the best resources available for anyone looking to level up their life and work.  If you want to do work that matters, you've come to the right place.  Dan will help you dig deep and create the kind of life you love.

Paul Jarvis

Blogger, Podcaster, and Author of Company of One

There is a calling for of all of us. You can wait for it to reveal itself one day, or you can connect with it today. The Meaning Movement  does exactly that. Start serving your calling today.

Mike Michalowicz

Author and Business Coach

I rather stumbled onto The Meaning Movement and am SO glad that I did. If you're someone who KNOWS you're here to do big, meaningful things, but aren't quite sure how to bring it all to life, this is one resource you're going to want to come back to over and over again.

Jenny Foss


Dan has an insightful and eloquent way of eliciting pivotal moments, asking the why not the what and helping navigate life’s vocational path.

Cathy Terepocki

Artist and Ceramicist

Dan's mission brings a uniquely inspiring perspective to our search for a purposeful life. From listening to his podcast and creating content with him, it's become clear how much he sees the true value each individual has.

Stefan Ravalli

Founder and podcaster Serve Conscious

Dan understands work with a depth that most don't: that it's an opportunity to create meaning for our lives, develop into the people we long to become, and give in ways that support us, too. 


Dan makes a vital contribution to the discussion about meaningful work. I admire his sincerity, dedication, and the depth and nuance of his perspective.

Laura Simms

Founder and Coach -  Your Career Homecoming

The Meaning Movement is an inspiring podcast for anyone on the journey from day job to dream job. Dan brings on guests from all walks of life, at every place of the journey, to have meaningful, candid conversations on what it means to pursue one’s calling. If you are on such a path yourself, don’t do it alone — listen to The Meaning Movement!

Tom Froese

Illustrator & Speaker

In every conversation you have with Dan, you can sense his passion for his work: helping people explore their purpose.  The Meaning Movement is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for guidance.

Tyler Mongan

President at HA:KU global, Author & Speaker

Dan Cumberland is on a mission to change our view that “work” is a bad, 4-letter word.  I hope everyone gets on board with The Meaning Movement so we can all do more work that has passion, purpose and fulfillment behind it.

Michelle Ward

When I Grow Up Coach

The Meaning Movement is a very real, honest and inspiring place for great discussions."

"Dan is able to unlock insights that even his guests were not aware of.

Marc Champagne

Founder of Kyo App

Dan's work at The Meaning Movement is a breath of fresh air in the noisy online world, helping us figure out what really matters. I love what he's offering the world!

Leo Babauta

There are very few people who possess tremendous creative vision and also know how to bring it to life. Dan Cumberland is one of those rarities.

Ben Arment

Author of Dream Year 

Dan's the kind of guy who's not afraid to ask hard questions. And he's not afraid of the work it takes to answer them, either. I really respect the work he does.

Tyler Tervooren

Founder of

When it comes to my vocational journey—or at least my active vocational search—Dan has been there since the beginning and has accompanied me each step of the way. He knows my story, sees my longing, and is able to speak truth to me when I need it most. The hours we've spent exploring vocation amount to days, weeks, and beyond, and when the topic of vocation comes up with clients, friends—even complete strangers—I always send them straight to Dan and the Meaning Movement. There's no one I know of who does this work better, and that's work worth doing.

Lacy Clark Ellman

Spiritual director and guide,

I'm a huge fan of Dan and the Meaning Movement!  If you're looking for help with career questions, it doesn't get better than this. Dig in, pay attention, and get ready to take action.  Everyone needs this.

Matt McWilliams

Founder and The Affiliate Guy Podcast

Dan knows the perfect balance between aspirational and practical. A bit of dreaming about what could be, and with just enough how to so you can actually make it happen.

Caroline Lee

Photographer and host of Out of Line Podcast

I feel such an affinity for the work that Dan is doing. We need more people out there helping others tap into their true potential and calling!

Andy J. Pizza

Illustrator, author, and host of Creative Pep Talk

If you want to tackle the big questions on meaning and purpose, Dan is one of the very best to help!

Scott Anthony Barlow

Happen to Your Career

Depth and authenticity. These are two of my favorite traits that Dan brings to his work. I'm a big fan of his and am thankful to call Dan a colleague and friend."

Paul Angone

Author of 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties (and Let's Be Honest, Your Thirties Too)

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